Why vote for minor political parties?

Because your vote is worth more

In short, when your first preference doesn’t get elected, your vote goes to your second preference at full value, and to your third, and fourth, and so on so forth. But if you vote first preference for the party that is going to win, the rest of these votes don’t matter! There’s no sense in chucking these valuable votes away.

In long, this 7 minute video by CGP Grey does an excellent job of explaining our voting system.

“But what’s the point, since they’ll win anyway?"


It sends a message

Voting for a minor political party is most effective way to tell the politician that does get elected about the issues that you care about, in the medium they care about.

not only that, but minor parties…

Represent your voice better

Because they’re not trying to appeal to everyone, minor parties can tailor themselves to more specific interests. Since they’re smaller, they’re more open to their voters feedback and suggestions.


They aren’t sellouts

Labor has taken over $40 million in corporate donations since 2012. This money has come from powerful businesses, like coal seam gas giant, Santos and Crown Casino.

Labor Party Donors Amount
Banking and Finance Industry $20,547,769
Media and Communications $6,436,417
Developers and Property Industry $5,484,132
Private Health Industry $4,008,230
Energy and Resource Companies $3,819,811
Government Contractors $3,651,592
Consultancies and Law Firms $3,448,559
Hotels, Clubs and Alcohol $3,377,215
Food and Agriculture $1,782,137
Retail and Services Sector $1,705,594
Gambling Industry $1,451,402
Lobbying Firms $1,242,260
Manufacturing and Heavy Industry $491,512
Tobacco and Firearms $0

The Liberal and National Parties have taken over $80 million in corporate donations since 2012. This money has come from powerful businesses, like Westpac and Woodside.

Liberal / National Party Donor Amount
Banking and Finance Industry $33,803,653
Developers and Property Industry $15,589,093
Energy and Resource Companies $9,201,693
Government Contractors $6,880,807
Private Health Industry $6,363,000
{{fa utensils>}} Food and Agriculture $6,144,699
Hotels, Clubs and Alcohol $5,237,309
Retail and Services Sector $3,656,528
Media and Communications $3,649,757
Manufacturing and Heavy Industry $3,646,207
Gambling Industry $1,842,961
Lobbying Firms $1,814,134
Consultancies and Law Firms $1,025,937
Tobacco and Firearms $334,174

These companies donate for a reason: favourable policy decisions. While the major parties continue to take money from big corporate interests, they will never be completely focused on what is good for Australian communities.

Not only that, this isn’t even all of them. The vast majority is dark money: secret money from untraceable sources which the party is able to avoid reporting on. You can find out more information at https://democracyforsale.net.

What do you have against the major parties?


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and finally…

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