Why vote for minor political parties?

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[ ] preferences voting system video replacing griffith uni below

[ ] investigate minor party voting in other countries

[ ] more points on this page

When your first preference doesn’t win, your vote goes to your next one until whoever does win. Why not put [major parties] last to get the most out of your vote?

Here’s a video by Griffith University explaining how our voting system works.

there’s also this really good cgp grey video that explains our voting system.

Your vote is worth more, they represent you better and aren’t sellouts, which leads to a better Australia / the planet.

Your vote is worth more

Because if your first preference doesn’t win, your full value vote goes to your (or your parties) second, third and so on, until whoever does win.

Your vote might eventually go to [major party], but why not vote for others representing you better first?

They represent you better

Because they’re not trying to appeal to everyone, minor parties can tailor themselves to more specific interests. Since they’re smaller, they’re more open to their voters feedback and suggestions.

They aren’t sellouts

Hundreds of millions of dollars are poured into the major parties. Most of this is untraceable dark money which doesn’t have to be reported.

The Liberal and National parties have taken over $125 million from big business, from mainly the banking, property and resource industries, plus many more.

Labor’s amassed more than $75 million in donations, mainly from the banking, media and property industries, plus many more.

These donations are for one reason: favourable policy decisions. While the major parties take money from big corporate interests, they will never be focused on Australians.

Leads to a better Australia

[investigate countries like NZ where this works very well]

Because the results of a two party system don’t look good

US Riots at Capitol building