Political Triangle Quiz

The political triangle is an open source project by CrystalVulpine aiming to provide an improvement over the traditional political compass. You can find more information about it here.

Take the short test below and it will plot your results alongside the political parties running this election.

Answer each question as the society you would like to live in. Some answers are extreme, and some are moderate. If you don’t agree with any of the given answers, either choose the one that is closest to your view (as it applies to government), or don’t answer it. Once you finish the test, it will plot your position on the triangle based on your answers, between left, right, and libertarian (the top section of the triangle).

How should public money be spent, and how much?

People in certain minority groups face problems because:

How should business and corporations be regulated?

What should the government do about segregating or integrating different groups?

What kind of speech, if any, should be regulated?

When someone is caught engaging in criminal activity, what it the best way to handle the situation?

What is your stance on immigration and border policy?

What best describes your ideal form of government?

What is the most important thing which must be protected?

What sorts of non-violent actions, if any, should be criminalized?

How should people be protected from themselves when making poor choices?