Party Summaries



Sports Rorts, Bushfire Crisis

Animal Justice Party

Climate Change: high priority | Energy: renewable | Tax: tax animal products | Likes: animal rights, political reform, environment | Dislikes: animal entertainment

Far-left party aiming to provide a political voice for animals. Very environmentally focused and provide a wide range of policies to ensure animal welfare, and aim to seek constitutional recognition of animals based on their sentience. They oppose things like live export, factory farming, greyhound racing and recreational hunting.

Australian Christians

Climate Change: skeptical | Energy: coal | Tax: rejects carbon tax | Likes: freedom of religion, internet filtering, small business | Dislikes: prostitution, marijuana, abortion

A socially conservative party aiming to represent Christian values, with all party candidates being committed Christians. They value family rights and freedom of religion, and support zero-tolerance approaches to drugs, opt-out internet filtering and family court reform, and rejects prostitution and recognition of gender identity.


Allow citizens to vote on all policies

Progressively institute parliamentary reform by shifting to an ‘Issue Based Digital Democracy’ model, allowing each citizen to vote for individual bills before parliament through the internet. Elected Flux representatives will vote according to the results of this system. If you don’t want to review bills, you can also allow someone to vote on your behalf (friend, family, expert, community organisation, public figure, political party, etc.) or exchange your vote for a credit for use on another issue.


(not done yet!! they’ve got a lot of polices and am still summarising)

Climate Change: high priority | Energy: renewable | Tax: carbon tax, tax the super wealthy | Likes: | Dislikes:

Left wing party focusing on the environment, grassroots democracy, social justice, and non-violence. The Greens are the biggest minor party, with polices such as the public ownership of energy, banking and internet companies. They seek a fast transition to carbon neutrality and renewable energy. Economically, they believe in taxing multinational and big companies heavily and reversing tax cuts to the super wealthy. They are very anti-corruption and do not take corporate donations.

Health Australia

Climate Change: high priority | Energy: renewables | Tax: simplify tax methods | Likes: natural medicine, local farming, | Dislikes: fluoride

Formerly Fluoride Free WA, Health Australia is a centre party with a motto of ensuring the health of Australia’s people, economy, environment, democracy and society. They care strongly about natural medicine, reducing the use of pesticides and corruption within academia. Contentious policies include their opposition to fluoridated water and demands for precautionary approaches to electromagnetic waves (5G, etc.).

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

Climate Change: skeptics | Energy: coal and nuclear | Tax: remove land tax | Likes: hunting, fishing | Dislikes: green tape | Haiku:

Libertarian party aiming to protect the rights of recreational shooters and fishers. They do not advocate for ‘American style gun laws’, but assert that every law-abiding citizen should have the right to own and use a firearm for legitimate purposes, including self-defence. They support the enhancement of commercial and personal fishing rights, including opening up national parks.

Liberal Democrats

Climate Change: skeptics | Energy: coal | Tax: dramatically cut taxes | Likes: individual freedoms, firearms | Dislikes: big government

A libertarian party standing for the freedom of individuals, free markets and small government. In their view, the governments influence is the biggest threat to these values and they seek to dramatically reduce its power to the lowest possible level by slashing taxes, government spending, regulation and driving responsibility to the free market through privatisation.

One Nation

Climate Change: skeptical | Energy: coal and nuclear | Tax: change multinations to transaction-based system | Likes: small business | Dislikes: immigration, water trading, UN refugee convention

Far-right nationalist political party opposed to multiculturalism and high levels of immigration, including drastically reducing refugee intake; they aim to introduce an Australian identity card to prevent illegal immigrants from accessing the heath system. One Nation favours economically protectionist policies to promote Australian industry and opposes globalisation.

Small Business Party

Climate Change: ? | Energy: ? | Tax: increase payroll tax threshold | Likes: small business?? | Dislikes: poker machines

Party contains exceedingly few public policies, but are passionate about supporting small business through a number of measures, such as reducing taxation pressures.

Socialist Alliance

Climate Change: high priority | Energy: renewable within decade | Tax: tax the rich, abolish GST | Likes: public ownership, social justice, environment | Dislikes: corruption, capitalism

Far-left party supporting socialism (government ownership for public benefit) and comprehensive social justice reform. Their policies include left-wing stances on refugee and first nations rights, and strong support of public ownership. They strongly support widespread environmental reform, increasing taxes to target the super-rich and multi-nationals, and free university education. They have many policies discussing a wide range of social justice issues.

Sustainable Australia

Climate Change: high priority | Energy: renewable | Tax: target Australian property | Likes: reducing HECS | Dislikes: population growth, live export, corruption

Centre party primarily focused on environmental protection through lowering population growth. It rejects the ‘big Australia’ rhetoric and believes that uncontrolled expansion is not sustainable. They value environmental protection, aim to stop over-development, and investigate corruption. Most of their sustainability policies note that stopping population growth will help.

Western Australia Party

Climate Change: mentioned | Energy: renewable | Tax: increase WA GST, decrease state taxes | Likes: local government reform, renewable manufacturing | Dislikes: 'Canberra bubble'

Small, libertarian-leaning party focusing on obtaining taxation and GST reform from Canberra. Their polities are very minimal, but broadly speaking, they seek to reduce state taxes and reform local government.