What we're about

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nobody votes minor party, must change to save Australia and Earth ||| why? <major parties; cut, flip horizontally, paste> very bad: corporate donations, big business, two party is USA (extremely bad, + polarisation). must create government for everyone | preferences values: peace, love, kindness, wacko schemes, collectivist cuddle group // how do we do this? independent, effective mostly self-directed teams but come together for strength. [list]- wacko schemes: viral but pleasant - buy stickers, posters, shirts + other stuff (we’re not-for-profit) - coodinate w/ others online - volunteer (-(+ any ideas you have)). // success means better government, better lives, better jobs, fair go for everyone. failure means same as usual, corruption, poverty as global industry shift /// historic turning point. only got one shot.

What are you trying to do?

Our goal: At least 65% minor parties in government on election day.

Optimal progress: Someone visits preferences.org.au after seeing it everywhere. They decide to vote for a minor party and independent summaries help inform them.

What do you stand for?

We stand by the following values:

Mateship - Treat people as people, and treat them well – especially if they have opposing beliefs (such as members of the major parties).

Transparency - Default to being open with information to increase trust. People shouldn’t struggle to find what they need.

Authenticity - Have meaningful relationships with others and never ‘use’ other people to get what you want. Be forthcoming and honest with mistakes, and treat them as learning experiences.

Sustainability - Constantly consider the environment in everything we do. Run sustainable events and use sustainable resources. Eliminate plastic and waste.

Fun - Have fun and celebrate the small victories!