An independent, nonpartisan summary of the minor parties in your area.

Voting for any minor party is always a better option because it gives your vote more weight. Through preferential voting you have multiple full value votes, but if you vote first preference for a major party, the rest of your vote doesn’t go through your preferences and doesn’t matter! Minor parties represent your interests better, and even if they don’t win, the (major) candidate that does will take notice of the issues that you care about.

Why not have two, six or even XX votes this election? Don’t let the major parties sell you otherwise. Millions of dollars have been spent trying to convince you of this lie.

This website will host independent summaries of the minor parties running, they’re close to being done, but check the social pages to be kept up to date on when they’re released. Do your own research though! :o)

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(and yeah, understand that Emperor McGowan is pretty based, but your vote will still eventually go to him [if you want]!!)